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2015 Fleet 9 Rules

1.     GOALS – Melges 17 Fleet 9 (Indianapolis) will exist to:

1.1.   Promote the Melges 17 (M17) sailboat and class association,

1.2.   Promote one-design racing at the Indianapolis Sailing Club (ISC),

1.3.   Foster friendship and social activity among its members


2.     RULES - Fleet 9 will race in accordance with the following rules:

2.1.   ISAF Racing Rules, with prescriptions by US Sailing, the

2.2.   Bylaws and Specifications of the Melges 17 Class Association, the

2.3.   ISC Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions as listed in the ISC Welcome Aboard (when racing at ISC), and

2.4.   these Melges 17 Fleet 9 Racing Rules.

     Sailing Instructions may supersede any part of above Rules where not specifically prohibited by those Rules.


3.     PARTICIPATION - Fleet 9 will participate in the racing program of ISC as scheduled and conducted. 

3.1.   Fleet 9 members are expected and encouraged to volunteer for club race committee responsibilities including safety duty, PRO, ARO, and scoring.


4.     FLEET BUILDING – Fleet 9 members are encouraged to introduce new and potential members to the M17. 


 5.     FLEET 9 CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – The annual Melges 17 Fleet 9 Championship series standings will be determined as follows:

5.1.   Scoring. 

5.1.1. Points are earned based on the final standing of qualifying regattas.  When two or more Fleet 9 skippers participate in a regatta, their score will be based on their relative final standing to all Fleet 9 skippers participating in the regatta.  When only one Fleet 9 skipper participates in a regatta, their score will be the same as their final standing in the regatta. 

5.1.2. Low Point System -   One point for a first place score, two points for a second place score, three points for a third place score, and so forth.

5.1.3. To qualify in the final standings, a skipper must have sailed in a sufficient number of regattas to have no less than five scores if ISC hosts one invitational regatta and six scores if ISC hosts two invitational regattas.  The best five or six scores count towards final standings.

5.1.4. All scores from qualifying regattas published on the M17 class website  (http://melges17.com/?p=events) that do not coincide with a regatta to be sailed at ISC will count as two scores.  M17 U.S. National Championship will count as two scores no matter if it conflicts with an ISC regatta. An invitational regatta hosted by Fleet 9 at ISC will count as two scores.

5.1.5. Ties shall be broken as follows:  If there is a series score tie between two or more boats, each boat’s series scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favor of the boat(s) with the best place(s). No excluded scores shall be used.  If a tie remains between two or more boats after using the above method, the tie shall be broken using the results of head-to-head competition at the counted regattas to be determined by which beat the other boat the most times. No excluded scores shall be used.  If a tie remains between two or more boats after using the above methods, they shall be ranked in order of ALL boats beaten in the counted regattas. No excluded scores shall be used.

5.2.   Qualifying Regattas

5.2.1. ISC Club Regattas, specifically, the Memorial Regatta, Summer Regatta, Commodore’s Cup Regatta, and Long John Regatta.

5.2.2. Regattas listed under the events section of the M17 website (currently http://melges17.com/?p=events)

5.2.3. Three or more M17’s must be listed in the final standings to be counted as a qualifying regatta.

5.2.4. The sailing season for purposes of series scoring shall begin and end on Monday following the last race of the ISC calendar year sailing season.

5.3.   Regatta Scoring – regattas will be scored as specified by the sailing instructions governing that regatta.

5.4.   Fleet Membership – No regatta(s) will be scored as part of the Championship series until M17 Fleet #9 dues are paid in full.

5.5.   Skippers are responsible for reporting their regatta participation and score to the fleet scorer.


 6.     ISC REGATTA SCORING – Beginning in 2014, ISC regattas will be scored by the club rather than the individual fleet as in previous years.  Refer to the ISC Welcome Aboard for sailing instructions and scoring.



7.1.   If invited to participate, Fleet 9 will be represented in the ISC Championship regatta by the top most ranked ISC-member skipper at the time the fleet is required to submit the name of their representative.

7.2.   Ranking will be based on Fleet 9 Championship Series scoring as described above.

7.3.   If no skippers have yet qualified for the series (by having at least 5 scores), then the skipper having the most number of qualifying regatta scores shall represent the fleet.

7.3.1. In the event of a tie, the top most ranked skipper based on the scores to date will represent the fleet.  If a designated skipper declines to participate then the next most eligible skipper shall be asked to represent the fleet.


 8.     RACE VISITORS - Visiting Melges 17 sailors are welcome to sail with Fleet 9 at ISC during any regularly scheduled club race or regatta.  Visitors are not eligible for awards funded and provided by ISC unless otherwise provided for in the event sailing instructions.  Fleet scoring will occur as if the visitors did not participate in the race/regatta.  Visitors will be accorded all their rights under the appropriate racing rules while they are on the water.


 9.     CO-OWNERS – Co-owners may choose to sail as a team or as individuals for the Fleet 9 Championship series. 


 10.  TROPHIES – M17 Fleet 9 will endeavor to host an annual fleet banquet and awards presentation following each sailing season.  Trophies will be awarded as follows:

10.1.ISC will provide 1st and 2nd place trophies to the Melges 17 fleet for ISC regattas.

10.2.The trophy for the Championship Series will be the perpetual June Cup  The winner will have the trophy engraved prior to presenting to the next year’s winner.